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Unusual WCF behaviour

Mar 16, 2012 at 12:30 PM

Hi pszmyd,

I'm struggling to get to the bottom of a problem and wondered if you had come across anything similar.

I have a really basic SL4 application that is consuming a WCF service hosted on a separate server (i.e. not within Orchard) and have placed the necessary cross-domain policy files in place on the server to allow SL to consume it.    This can be easily tested by debugging the Silverlight application project directly and by using Fiddler or a similar HTTP logging app I can clearly see the SL application requesting the clientaccesspolicy.xml file and it being returned correctly (e.g. http 200).   The app works correctly as does the service.

When I embed the same Silverlight application into Orchard using your module, the call to the WCF service fails.    At no point can I see the SL app request the clientaccesspolicy.xml file from my server and the Exception is the very common 'An error occurred while trying to make a request to a URI '[service url]...'

Have you seen this behaviour before or know what may be causing the SL WCF proxy to play up when inside of Orchard?